Training Day

You are always training your mind and body. Whether your regular practices include helpful or hindering habits, you are being trained on what is comfortable and what is acceptable. The good thing is that your mind and body will believe what you feed it. The bad news is also that your body will believe what you feed it. After you’ve fed your body and continue to do so on a regular basis, it then begins to adapt to what you’ve trained it to do.

Our minds and bodies are both simple and complex. Both aggressive and passive. Both strong and gentle. They will both feed on what you’ve provided for it and as stated above this can go one of two ways. From the foods we eat, music and TV we consume, social media accounts we pay attention to, conversations we engage in, environments in which we plant ourselves, and the daily habits and behaviors that we allot our time and energy too we get to decide which road we are going to take.

When it looks as though someone else has everything they could wish for and all seems smooth, consider that their life is this way because they have trained it to be this way. While no one controls the cards they are dealt, each one of us does get to decide how we will train ourselves in the midst of these circumstances.

Training day is always among us. It’s not solely the time spent when actively preparing for a life experience. Training occurs in the mind and body every single day and this is what directs how we respond when preparing for life’s big moments. Take the time to be intentional about your daily habits and what you would like for them to produce not just around you, but within you.


Recently people have been constantly sending me clips of conversations being had all over social media about balance. Last year, I named an extension of my business Raising the B.A.R. In this sector, I facilitate workshops and retreats (some exciting new stuff being announced in 2020) teaching people how to use accountability and responsibility to create the life of balance that we all want. I expected people to start engaging me in this conversation about balance and the chatter about it being a false dichotomy because people always like to dispel your thinking patterns and prove you wrong. Additionally, people wanna see what you say in response to other people who have a different view from your own. I welcome it all. I believe there is beauty in differences and perspectives. While I understand what is being said about balance, I stand strong on using accountability and responsibility as vessels to creating a balanced life.

For most adults in general, it is safe to say that there will never be equal parts going into all areas of our lives at the same time. By definition, balance as a noun is “aneven distribution of weight enabling someone or something to remain upright and steady”. The verb tense is “to keep or put something in a steady position so that it does not fall”. So, going back to what an adult life looks like and knowing that there will never be an even distribution of our time, energy, focus, money, etc. it is safe to say that balance as a construct is out. This is where the conversation begins to shift into finding harmony instead. Coming to terms with and accepting that different times in our lives will require more of us in one place than in others and knowing how to deal with that, rationalize it, and make it fair for the people for our lives is embracing the harmony of not being equal.

My focus is not so much on life having equal parts of us. I like to focus on remaining upright and keeping a steady position. You can’t ever perfectly balance out being an entrepreneur, a student, a spouse, a parent, a friend etc. However, a responsible life in to which you are being held accountable, you are required to hold a steady position within. The balance is within your mind. It’s within your spirit, within your work ethic and allowing the shifts to take place. The balance is within your emotions and not allowing them to teeter too far off to the right or to the left. It’s being able to pull it back when it’s gone too far so that you’re not toppling over. Yes, life happens. It gets messy, it gets heavy and sometimes the bough does break and you lose your physical positioning.  Sometimes it happens and is even necessary for growth when you do veer too far to the left or right. But the balance is knowing how long to stay there. Knowing that you can’t stay there. Knowing that you won’t stay there. Good or bad. The balance is knowing that you gotta bring it back into position. After spending so much time getting your business off the ground, it’s knowing that you need a moment to rest. Or saying my family needs me, my marriage needs me. My children need me. I need me. After spending the holidays skipping workouts, overindulging in your favorite foods and drinking more than normal, it’s saying I need to sleep. I need to eat my vegetables, drink water and exercise more. That to me is the balance. Knowing when to bring it back. Knowing that it isn’t all going to be the same effort at the same time, but knowing how to make the shift. Knowing that it doesn’t all have to happen at the same time, but knowing that it all must happen. And implementing the shift so that it does. That’s balance.

Also, I’m a Libra. Balance is kinda our thing.



It’s easy to become overwhelmed, overrun, overstimulated, overindulgent, overcommitted and left viewing everything in life as just out right over exaggerated. With all of this going on, it’s no wonder that we have issues taking a moment to just sit back and think about the things that contribute to all these feelings. There is no sense in trying to believe that all things are good, because honestly, sometimes things do happen that cause tension in our lives and leave us feeling wiped out. But, it’s important to note that sometimes the bad things that happen lead us to the path of some of the greatest moments and triumphs we will ever experience. Something is needed in our lives for us to recognize, acknowledge, and embrace this truth. It is mindfulness.


Mindfulness is when we are nonjudgmental in our awareness of what is happening in the present moment. In this, we acknowledge, accept, and embrace our thoughts, feelings, and our senses as they are linked to these experiences in the present. The practice of mindfulness is destined to be inadequate if our focus remains on what happened in the past and what we are predicting will happen in the future. The past obviously cannot be changed and even with our best efforts towards the future, we are not guaranteed a specific outcome. What we can bet on is what is happening right now. It is real. It is the only truth. Being mindful gives us permission to bring about a certain consciousness to what we are doing, feeling, and thinking in the moment but not to the point of trying to stop or fight it. It is the practice of simply being aware of what is.

Staying present in the moment, isn’t just a cliché that is thrown around. The weight that it bares can help you stay grounded, grateful and geared to live your best life whether you are at work, at play, or at rest.

**To get you started with an easy mindfulness activity, try doing this at any point during the day. Sit and focus on your breathing for one full minute. Just one. Expect for your mind to wander, especially if you are new to this practice. When this happens, focus on the rise and fall of your chest when you breathe. Don’t hold on to any thought. Allow it to float away as your breath is the only thing of importance in this moment and you are mindful of what that feeling.


TRANSFORMER: More Than Meets The Eye

Yesterday something that I have been dreaming about since I was a little girl came to fruition. I reached the Best Sellers List in 3 categories for my eBook “Live Fit to The T- 5Keys to Totally Transform Your Mind and Body.” What is special about this is that it happened in just a few short hours. I am over the moon, click my heels, elated! Although I dreamed about being a Best Selling Author as a little girl (yes, this was really a dream at a young age), I didn’t know how I was going to achieve this. And never in a million years did I imagine that I would get here by writing a book focusing on a healthy lifestyle. I didn’t think this would be the avenue because I was not healthy and fit until I hit my early 30’s. I suffered from being overweight, depressed, and putting myself last. When I decided that I didn’t want to be in that space anymore, I had no idea where to begin but I took a gamble and I chose to invest in myself and it worked. Not only did I adapt a healthy lifestyle, I now lead others in doing the same. In this book, I have dedicated myself to helping others like you strategize how to totally transform life; mind and body.

Many of you are wanting to be a better version of yourselves. For some that means weight loss, getting lean, or just getting your body “right” in general. For others, you want to learn to eat clean, meal plan, understand what exercises to do, and formulate a plan to do that. All of this is possible, but it all begins with your mindset. You have to want to do it, know the reason why you’re doing it, and you have to be willing. Once you address these areas you can find what plan of attack works for you. Then you can boldly and unashamedly Live Fit to The T.

Your time is now. The best and healthiest version of you is waiting. There are 3 T’s that you must step into now to reveal that best.


1)TREAT yourself as a priority. By any means necessary you have to invest in your self-care. You cannot continue to schedule time, money and energy for everyone else but yourself.


2)TAP into the boldness that is deep within. Living a healthy lifestyle requires something of you. At times it can seem insane and overwhelming but if you tap into the spirit of tenacity you can find success.


3)THROW away self-doubt, self-sabotage and excuses. You have the power to be healthy and happy. Be consistent in the steps to reach your goal and reap the rewards of awesome results!

Let’s get it!!

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In Fitness and In Health,

Ebony J. Robinson, CPT, FNS, WFS


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5 Tips You Need For Portion Control



No matter what your healthy lifestyle goals are, there is one factor that is noteworthy across the board. Portion control. How much you are eating of something, sometimes matters more than what you are eating and it is important to eat in a manner that supports your goals. This means if you are trying to lose weight, your portion sizes will not be the same as someone trying to put on lean muscle or healthy weight. Knowing what you are eating to support should be first in line.

Sometimes I hear clients say that “all” they had for breakfast was a bowl of cereal. While this may be true, that bowl of cereal usually contains 2, 3 or even 4 times the suggested serving size. Keeping portion control in mind helps you to be aware of what you are eating.

There are 5 tips that involve portion control that you can implement today!

1. Read your food labels! This will help you know what the true serving size is for a particular food.

2. Use measuring tools until you feel comfortable(i.e, measuring spoons, measuring cups, food scale)

3. Learn to estimate (after you get used to seeing what a true serving is and have gotten in the hang of measuring things, you’ll be able to eyeball things. This will be helpful when you are eating out at a restaurant or over someone else’s house.

4. Stop eating before you are full. Once you learn what a serving size is, don’t always feel the need to max out. You should eat until you are satisfied. That isn’t always synonymous with full and certainly doesn’t mean stuffed.

5. When eating at a restaurant, either split your entrée with someone and have a side salad or steamed veggies so that you are not starving. Or, ask the server to bring a to go container when your plate comes out. Immediately put half of your food in the container to save for a later meal or to give to someone else. These days, especially in American restaurants, the serving sizes are double and triple of what one person needs.

Start putting these things into practice immediately. You’ll be glad you did.

If you have questions or you know you are ready to start with your healthy lifestyle habits and need help, e-mail to get started today. Visit the website and be sure to join the Facebook Group “In Fitness and In Health”

Detox!!! Understanding the basics

Whether you are getting started with a healthy lifestyle or need the occasional clean up, detoxing is a popular discussion. In this discussion, the first question you want to know is if detoxes are necessary. The safety, type and duration of a good detox are also questions high on the list. While there are too many detoxes to discuss in one post, I will cover a few of the basics of detoxing to allow you to get a good idea of what to expect. Picking the perfect detox can be tough, so the most important thing is picking one that you can stick with for the suggested amount of time and gear up to for self-discipline.

What is detoxing?  index

Detoxing is frequently thought of in terms of the act of ridding the body of drugs and/ or alcohol. By definition, detoxing means “a process or period of time in which one abstains from or rids the body of toxic or unhealthy substances; detoxification”.  We are hearing more and more people detoxing their bodies of certain foods, additives or ingredients (Think sugar, caffeine, etc.)


What you can expect.

Detoxing can have many benefits including but not limited to clearing of the skin, better digestion, regular bowel movements, increase in energy and even weight loss. When your body gets used to something and craves it such as the way it does for sugar and caffeine, removing it from your diet can be an adjustment. Before the positive results show up, withdrawal symptoms can be present and miserable. These symptoms include but are not limited to headaches, moodiness, lethargic state and lack of appetite. When these symptoms occur, know that they are only temporary and that you have to hold strong through them in order to cross over to the other side. The positive results will follow and are worth the effort.

How long does a good detox last?

There is no cut and dry answer here. There are detoxes that can last days, weeks or even months. If your detox is packaged like many of the detox teas that are now available, the ingredients of them will determine the recommendations in length as some things are not safe to consume beyond a certain time frame. Pay close attention to the manufacturers notes and if there is also a suggested lapse in time that should be observed before repeating the detox. If your detox is from something like sugar, caffeine or meat, there is no maximum time frame due to safety concerns. The longer the better in some cases and you may find that you will want to continue past an actual timeframe and include the elimination of said products as a permanent lifestyle change.

Why detoxing is good to jumpstart a weight loss or healthy lifestyle regiment.

These days our bodies get loaded down with foods and beverages that are heavy on sugar, calories, caffeine and fat but very low on nutrients. When this happens, our bodies do not operate that way in which they are intended to work. As a whole, we are overweight, sluggish and lazy, swollen and achy, our skin is dry and cakey, and the list goes on.  Deciding to live a healthy lifestyle can get off to a great start if a detox is included. Look at it as clearing out all the garbage and allowing your body to absorb the nutrients you are now going to feed it and allowing your body to operate as it should.

What if I cheat?

The purpose is a detox is to start fresh. If you cheat and sneak a bite or sip of something you are detoxing from, you are negating the benefits. Even if it’s one tiny bite or sip, it counts as feeding your body what you set out to remove and to be honest with yourself you should start over. Here is where you must ask yourself if taking a bite of cake 20 days into a 30 -day sugar detox is worth losing all that you have worked towards thus far. The answer is likely no. Take a deep breath, pull it together and get your life. You can do it. You are worth the change!


If you’d like more assistance with detoxing, visit and contact me. Treat yours bodies well and be royal!

Working Out Alone or With a Group: Doing What Works For You


Working out with a partner/group or alone can be beneficial, but for different reasons.  It’s important to remember that everything is not for everybody so you have to know what works for you and what is going to push you to go hard.

Having a partner or group to exercise with, first and foremost is great for accountability. Knowing that you have someone waiting on you at the gym, park or class will make you think twice about flaking on your workout. You don’t want to be that person who constantly lets the team down. Not letting them down, means you aren’t letting yourself down. Your partner or group also helps to keep you motivated throughout the workout as they encourage you to push when you feel yourself getting tired or to give you that high five when you have persevered through a challenging exercise.

Some of you feed off of other people’s energy and that keeps you on point. However, be careful not to let your partner or group act as a crutch. You may not have someone there all of the time to push or motivate you. What happens when your partner is the one who flakes and leaves you hanging? Are you going to turn around and drive home and also skip the workout or will you dig deep to get it in, even if it means doing it alone? This is where working out alone becomes a good thing. Not depending on anyone but yourself to get the job done is going to get you to the finish line. You will be proud of yourself for being your own cheerleader. Being self-motivated is necessary for many areas of your life and knowing that you make the decision to show up for you no matter who is or is not there is worthy of a pat on the back.

Whatever you choose to do, be willing to dig deep and give your workout routine your best effort. The same goes for your nutritional goals. Stand up and push for yourself but also be glad when you have a team to go at it with you. Use them as a bonus, but not a crutch. You will thank yourself and be proud knowing that you are worthy of your own effort.

Be royal!

Abs Are Made in the Kitchen (Why does everyone keep saying that?)

“Abs are made in the kitchen, not the gym” is a saying that is used over and over in the fitness world. What you want to know is, does it actually hold some weight or is it just a catchy cliché thrown around by gym rats? I like a modified version of this saying. It’s “Abs are made in the gym and revealed in the kitchen.” I’m here to tell you that this saying, pound for pound, will add some results to your training routine.

Whether your goal is to lose weight or just to add lean muscle, you must eat to support your goals. No matter how much you work out, you must feed your body the proper foods and portions to see results. Many people struggle with getting a solid six-pack, and this includes those who spend countless hours in the gym. Why you ask? Because they are feeding their bodies garbage. To get a visible six pack, you have to shed the fat that is blanketed over them. While you still need to exercise, you support those efforts on the road to that washboard stomach by eating lots of lean protein and fresh vegetables. Leafy greens are going to be the best but don’t forget things like peppers, onions, mushrooms and sweet potatoes. A little fruit is okay. Think berries as they are wonderful additions that are low glycemic. Don’t forget the healthy fats like avocados and olive oil. These foods all aid in building lean muscle and burning fat, and that my friends is the goal.

So now that you know what to eat, it’s important to know what not to eat. Refined sugars, simple carbs like pastries and chips, lots of dairy, fatty meats, processed foods, junk food and fried foods are all holding your six packs hostage. Free yourself by turning your back on these joy stealers. Can’t fathom letting go of these things forever? That’s fine, just limit yourself to having them as the occasional treat. Think the 80/20 rule. 80% of the time you eat your goal supporting foods and 20% is used for the indulgent foods. Think smart and allow your abs to shine. They are there after all. They are just waiting on their opportunity to stand in the spotlight.


If you need more help putting together a workout and meal plan that supports your goals and your desire to bare abs this summer, e-mail Let’s get you Fit to the “T”!

The Myth of Spot Reducing

Most of us have that ONE thing that we would change about ourselves. The stomach, triceps (bat wings), or back fat are the parts I hear frequently when people mention what they hate and what they want to go away. I won’t even begin to give you the speech of how we should love ourselves just the way we are because I know this is more than that. When you work hard, you want to see the results and that includes a flatter stomach and toned arms.

The issue comes into play when the idea is present that hard work on your entire being isn’t necessary and that only one body part can be worked on and transformed. Unfortunately, things are just not this simple. While you can certainly do exercises to target certain areas of your body to help them get more toned, you cannot only work on your abs in lieu of an overall plan.

There are three things that I call the Holy Trinity of Health and Fitness. They are Nutrition, Strength Training and Cardio. All three elements are necessary as they work hand in hand to reach and maintain health and fitness goals. Here’s why. First, you hear it all the time, Abs are made in the kitchen. This is true. Before we even get to lifting weights and cardio, know that your efforts are likely to be in vain if you are not feeding your body proper. In order to reap the benefits in full of your well designed and executed workouts, you should also eat according to your goals.

Next, you need cardio to burn body fat. Strength training build lean muscle and that in turns burns fat, so the more lean muscle you have, the better your chances of burning fat. It’s important to incorporate a total body workout regimen that includes both alongside a healthy balances nutrition plan. When you do this and you are burning overall body fat, the areas that you aren’t so fond of will shed fat, tighten up and create a leaner physique.

To simply this just a bit further, it has to be understood that if you have layers of fat covering your muscles like your abs, no amount of planks, crunches or toe touches are going to expose the abs. The layers of fat must be peeled away and you do this by incorporating a proper nutrition, strength training and cardio routine into your daily lifestyle.

Get it? Got it? Good!!! If you don’t get it, feel free to contact me at so we can talk about how you can best get on the ball with these things TODAY!

Be Royal!54eba1fdd7c57_-_arrow-arm-crunch-xl

What’s your WHY?


What if we could stop the aging process? What if we could dial in a certain number on the scale or pick a pants size to stick with through the entirety of our adult life? One more. What if you could choose what ailments you would or would not have to deal with over the course of your life? Unfortunately, none of these things are possible. It’s just not that easy. When deciding to live a healthy lifestyle, you have to figure out why you are doing it because we don’t just have the ability to dial in and select the body type we want. We have to work for our health. Being proactive is essential to the process, so we need to be proactive in knowing why it is important to make changes and choices that support wanting to be healthy and fit.

Selecting reasons that are superficial or not significant for you are not conducive to creating a lasting lifestyle change. Sure, you may hop on this quick fix in order to get summer ready, wedding ready or dare I say it, date ready. Sometimes you start down the path into a healthy lifestyle as part of a challenge with co-workers, friends or family. This can be a great way to jump-start and it can even be beneficial for accountability purposes but if you do not have a reason that you are really tethered to, you are more likely to fall off once the excitement wears off or once you see how hard it can be to actually stick to a program. Nothing worth having comes easy, we hear that all the time and it is true. So when the going gets tough and it will, you better have a solid WHY that keeps you motivated long after the feeling leaves. Though this doesn’t even have to be exclusive to weight loss, I’m talking something beyond losing that last 5lbs. You may need and/or want to put on healthy lean muscle.  But you need to develop something deep. Shallow, superficial {reasons} will have you stranded in the water faster than you can say low-carb diet. What do I mean by deep? Well, it could mean your health. God forbid you are backed up against a wall and must make a change for your health per Dr.’s orders. It would behoove you to make lifestyle changes before you get to that point, but what if you are already there? What if you have to make changes NOW to alleviate a health concern? Are you wanting to be healthy and able to sustain a day at the park with your children? Do you want to set a good example for them? Are you wanting to create a healthy body image for yourself after years of yo-yo dieting and beating yourself up after you’ve fallen off the wagon? Do you have a family history of heart disease, diabetes, cancer and you refuse to be next in line? These are all good examples of a deep connection to embarking on a healthy lifestyle

It’s good to have people in the same boat with you but that’s not enough. What happens if they jump out of that boat? Are you going to sink because your reason wasn’t deep enough to stand alone?  Are any of these things sparking your WHY or at least causing you to search within to see what will keep you choosing cucumbers over chips and a hike with friends over happy hour? You may not know what it is just yet, but take the rest of the day to really mull it over. Once you have determined why living a healthy lifestyle is important to you, write it down. Write it somewhere that is visible to you on a regular basis, perhaps a note on your bathroom mirror, your screen saver on your phone on computer, vision board even. You want to post it so that you see it often so that it serves as a reminder that you are greater than a summer in a swimsuit or fitting into the Vogue standard of beauty. This is the beginning. This journey entails many steps but knowing why from the start will make the rest of the journey that much more real and relatable. I wish you well!

Be royal!