What’s your WHY?


What if we could stop the aging process? What if we could dial in a certain number on the scale or pick a pants size to stick with through the entirety of our adult life? One more. What if you could choose what ailments you would or would not have to deal with over the course of your life? Unfortunately, none of these things are possible. It’s just not that easy. When deciding to live a healthy lifestyle, you have to figure out why you are doing it because we don’t just have the ability to dial in and select the body type we want. We have to work for our health. Being proactive is essential to the process, so we need to be proactive in knowing why it is important to make changes and choices that support wanting to be healthy and fit.

Selecting reasons that are superficial or not significant for you are not conducive to creating a lasting lifestyle change. Sure, you may hop on this quick fix in order to get summer ready, wedding ready or dare I say it, date ready. Sometimes you start down the path into a healthy lifestyle as part of a challenge with co-workers, friends or family. This can be a great way to jump-start and it can even be beneficial for accountability purposes but if you do not have a reason that you are really tethered to, you are more likely to fall off once the excitement wears off or once you see how hard it can be to actually stick to a program. Nothing worth having comes easy, we hear that all the time and it is true. So when the going gets tough and it will, you better have a solid WHY that keeps you motivated long after the feeling leaves. Though this doesn’t even have to be exclusive to weight loss, I’m talking something beyond losing that last 5lbs. You may need and/or want to put on healthy lean muscle.  But you need to develop something deep. Shallow, superficial {reasons} will have you stranded in the water faster than you can say low-carb diet. What do I mean by deep? Well, it could mean your health. God forbid you are backed up against a wall and must make a change for your health per Dr.’s orders. It would behoove you to make lifestyle changes before you get to that point, but what if you are already there? What if you have to make changes NOW to alleviate a health concern? Are you wanting to be healthy and able to sustain a day at the park with your children? Do you want to set a good example for them? Are you wanting to create a healthy body image for yourself after years of yo-yo dieting and beating yourself up after you’ve fallen off the wagon? Do you have a family history of heart disease, diabetes, cancer and you refuse to be next in line? These are all good examples of a deep connection to embarking on a healthy lifestyle

It’s good to have people in the same boat with you but that’s not enough. What happens if they jump out of that boat? Are you going to sink because your reason wasn’t deep enough to stand alone?  Are any of these things sparking your WHY or at least causing you to search within to see what will keep you choosing cucumbers over chips and a hike with friends over happy hour? You may not know what it is just yet, but take the rest of the day to really mull it over. Once you have determined why living a healthy lifestyle is important to you, write it down. Write it somewhere that is visible to you on a regular basis, perhaps a note on your bathroom mirror, your screen saver on your phone on computer, vision board even. You want to post it so that you see it often so that it serves as a reminder that you are greater than a summer in a swimsuit or fitting into the Vogue standard of beauty. This is the beginning. This journey entails many steps but knowing why from the start will make the rest of the journey that much more real and relatable. I wish you well!

Be royal!



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