The Myth of Spot Reducing

Most of us have that ONE thing that we would change about ourselves. The stomach, triceps (bat wings), or back fat are the parts I hear frequently when people mention what they hate and what they want to go away. I won’t even begin to give you the speech of how we should love ourselves just the way we are because I know this is more than that. When you work hard, you want to see the results and that includes a flatter stomach and toned arms.

The issue comes into play when the idea is present that hard work on your entire being isn’t necessary and that only one body part can be worked on and transformed. Unfortunately, things are just not this simple. While you can certainly do exercises to target certain areas of your body to help them get more toned, you cannot only work on your abs in lieu of an overall plan.

There are three things that I call the Holy Trinity of Health and Fitness. They are Nutrition, Strength Training and Cardio. All three elements are necessary as they work hand in hand to reach and maintain health and fitness goals. Here’s why. First, you hear it all the time, Abs are made in the kitchen. This is true. Before we even get to lifting weights and cardio, know that your efforts are likely to be in vain if you are not feeding your body proper. In order to reap the benefits in full of your well designed and executed workouts, you should also eat according to your goals.

Next, you need cardio to burn body fat. Strength training build lean muscle and that in turns burns fat, so the more lean muscle you have, the better your chances of burning fat. It’s important to incorporate a total body workout regimen that includes both alongside a healthy balances nutrition plan. When you do this and you are burning overall body fat, the areas that you aren’t so fond of will shed fat, tighten up and create a leaner physique.

To simply this just a bit further, it has to be understood that if you have layers of fat covering your muscles like your abs, no amount of planks, crunches or toe touches are going to expose the abs. The layers of fat must be peeled away and you do this by incorporating a proper nutrition, strength training and cardio routine into your daily lifestyle.

Get it? Got it? Good!!! If you don’t get it, feel free to contact me at so we can talk about how you can best get on the ball with these things TODAY!

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