Working Out Alone or With a Group: Doing What Works For You


Working out with a partner/group or alone can be beneficial, but for different reasons.  It’s important to remember that everything is not for everybody so you have to know what works for you and what is going to push you to go hard.

Having a partner or group to exercise with, first and foremost is great for accountability. Knowing that you have someone waiting on you at the gym, park or class will make you think twice about flaking on your workout. You don’t want to be that person who constantly lets the team down. Not letting them down, means you aren’t letting yourself down. Your partner or group also helps to keep you motivated throughout the workout as they encourage you to push when you feel yourself getting tired or to give you that high five when you have persevered through a challenging exercise.

Some of you feed off of other people’s energy and that keeps you on point. However, be careful not to let your partner or group act as a crutch. You may not have someone there all of the time to push or motivate you. What happens when your partner is the one who flakes and leaves you hanging? Are you going to turn around and drive home and also skip the workout or will you dig deep to get it in, even if it means doing it alone? This is where working out alone becomes a good thing. Not depending on anyone but yourself to get the job done is going to get you to the finish line. You will be proud of yourself for being your own cheerleader. Being self-motivated is necessary for many areas of your life and knowing that you make the decision to show up for you no matter who is or is not there is worthy of a pat on the back.

Whatever you choose to do, be willing to dig deep and give your workout routine your best effort. The same goes for your nutritional goals. Stand up and push for yourself but also be glad when you have a team to go at it with you. Use them as a bonus, but not a crutch. You will thank yourself and be proud knowing that you are worthy of your own effort.

Be royal!

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