5 Tips You Need For Portion Control



No matter what your healthy lifestyle goals are, there is one factor that is noteworthy across the board. Portion control. How much you are eating of something, sometimes matters more than what you are eating and it is important to eat in a manner that supports your goals. This means if you are trying to lose weight, your portion sizes will not be the same as someone trying to put on lean muscle or healthy weight. Knowing what you are eating to support should be first in line.

Sometimes I hear clients say that “all” they had for breakfast was a bowl of cereal. While this may be true, that bowl of cereal usually contains 2, 3 or even 4 times the suggested serving size. Keeping portion control in mind helps you to be aware of what you are eating.

There are 5 tips that involve portion control that you can implement today!

1. Read your food labels! This will help you know what the true serving size is for a particular food.

2. Use measuring tools until you feel comfortable(i.e, measuring spoons, measuring cups, food scale)

3. Learn to estimate (after you get used to seeing what a true serving is and have gotten in the hang of measuring things, you’ll be able to eyeball things. This will be helpful when you are eating out at a restaurant or over someone else’s house.

4. Stop eating before you are full. Once you learn what a serving size is, don’t always feel the need to max out. You should eat until you are satisfied. That isn’t always synonymous with full and certainly doesn’t mean stuffed.

5. When eating at a restaurant, either split your entrée with someone and have a side salad or steamed veggies so that you are not starving. Or, ask the server to bring a to go container when your plate comes out. Immediately put half of your food in the container to save for a later meal or to give to someone else. These days, especially in American restaurants, the serving sizes are double and triple of what one person needs.

Start putting these things into practice immediately. You’ll be glad you did.

If you have questions or you know you are ready to start with your healthy lifestyle habits and need help, e-mail royalpainfitness@gmail.com to get started today. Visit the website http://www.royalpainfitness.com and be sure to join the Facebook Group “In Fitness and In Health”

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