Training Day

You are always training your mind and body. Whether your regular practices include helpful or hindering habits, you are being trained on what is comfortable and what is acceptable. The good thing is that your mind and body will believe what you feed it. The bad news is also that your body will believe what you feed it. After you’ve fed your body and continue to do so on a regular basis, it then begins to adapt to what you’ve trained it to do.

Our minds and bodies are both simple and complex. Both aggressive and passive. Both strong and gentle. They will both feed on what you’ve provided for it and as stated above this can go one of two ways. From the foods we eat, music and TV we consume, social media accounts we pay attention to, conversations we engage in, environments in which we plant ourselves, and the daily habits and behaviors that we allot our time and energy too we get to decide which road we are going to take.

When it looks as though someone else has everything they could wish for and all seems smooth, consider that their life is this way because they have trained it to be this way. While no one controls the cards they are dealt, each one of us does get to decide how we will train ourselves in the midst of these circumstances.

Training day is always among us. It’s not solely the time spent when actively preparing for a life experience. Training occurs in the mind and body every single day and this is what directs how we respond when preparing for life’s big moments. Take the time to be intentional about your daily habits and what you would like for them to produce not just around you, but within you.

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